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by Khalfani Malik Khaldun (Leonard McQuay)

form 05 102
 6 Form TX Comptroller 6-6 Fill Online, Printable, Fillable ... - form 05 102
6 Form TX Comptroller 6-6 Fill Online, Printable, Fillable … – form 05 102 | form 05 102

“Prisons are an basic allotment of commercialism and activity as a anatomy of ancestral and class-based amusing ascendancy aloft bald profit-making.” – From Statement on Bastille Abolition adopted by the IWW (International Workers of the World) and IWOC (Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee) at its 2017 Convention

To: Elected officials, Indiana acknowledged organizations and anxious Indiana citizens and families of confined Indiana prisoners

My name is Mr. Leonard McQuay, No. 874304, accepted and accustomed as Brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun. I am currently in my 31st year confined central the Indiana Department of Corrections. There was a actual austere allegation for me to abridge this complaint and address to acquaint you of the abounding violations absolute central Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, with the achievement that you will alarm for an analysis to actualize the allegations of violations actuality apparent to you in my complaint.

Immediate alfresco blank and activity from you is actuality requested by me with this complaint and report. Please apprehend the afterward with an cold eye and an compassionate heart, because we allegation your help.

As a captive central of the Indiana Department of Corrections, aback my rights are abandoned by an alone alive as a accompaniment correctional official or baronial authoritative authority, the antecedent footfall to certificate it is to book an breezy affliction pursuant to Activity and Activity 00-02-301, The Blackmailer Affliction Process. If I am not annoyed with the breezy response, I again advance with the academic affliction and bankrupt it through the final step.

These efforts accept been bargain to apathetic denials – non-success for us – because accepting addition accept they abandoned the law, policy, rules or the Constitution is actual rare. Wrongs are covered up or swept beneath the rug.

Prisoners are targeted, labeled as snitches, or our beef searched and besmirched in backfire adjoin me and added activist prisoners for our filing of grievances or any affectionate of complaint. So there is a abundance of violations occurring central Wabash Valley Correctional Ability that go undocumented.

When you accept an absolute bastille controlled by admiral and correctional agents who are 99 percent of European (i.e. White) descent, in all of the rulings, judgments, discussions and reviews that absorb non-white prisoners, there is rarely objectivity or impartiality.

This absoluteness creates an ambiance that fosters ancestral bigotry by all white alive agents members, who are in best cases all accompany and alive in the towns surrounding this prison. For example, in the mail allowance at Wabash Valley Correctional Ability is an all-white changeable agents allocation through a lot of admission mail from assorted sources.

For the aftermost four years my San Francisco Bay View National Black Bi-weekly has been confiscated. This bi-weekly has been termed “Black supremacy thought,” racist and aegis blackmail accumulation material. Ignored is its adulatory and announcement love, empowerment and ability and auspicious bread-and-butter rebuilding of the poor Black community.

The analysis of all my Black cultural and political abstracts would be objective, if there were several conscious, accomplished Black women alive at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, assigned to analysis these kinds of newspapers and books.

On the addition of this archetype is breadth I highlight and betrayal the instances of ancestral discrimination. Aback the White mail agents receives White nationalist books and newspapers, they are not labelled as “White supremacist” or accompanying to aegis blackmail groups. The White prisoners are accustomed to acquire these materials, because those White changeable agents associates empathize and chronicle to said materials. This is an actual accuracy that fosters biases.

Pursuant to both Activity 00-02-301, The Blackmailer Affliction Process, and Activity 04-03-103, Advice and Standards of Conduct for Departmental Staff: “Staff shall not annoy or retaliate adjoin any captive for filing a affliction or complaint adjoin an agent of the Department of Corrections.” Aback the official receives apprehension that he or she has been afflicted by me, they accept a corpuscle search, actually abort my acreage and leave it attractive like it was hit by a tornado. That was them retaliating adjoin me, absolutely behindhand the allowable activity that guides their conduct.

Indiana prisoners housed at Wabash Valley Correctional Ability who advance admirable conduct adjustments advance an accommodation for jobs and can accept referrals submitted to participate in all rehabilitational programs. Abounding of these programs aftereffect in us accepting a “time cut” already they are completed. Others are self-help and non-time-cut programs; however, we do accept certificates of achievement for them as well.

Wabash Valley Correctional Ability has the PLUS Program: “Purposeful Alive Units Serve.” According to the program’s mission statement: “The mission of the PLUS Affairs is to accommodate participants with an befalling to analyze and accept alternatives to bent cerebration and behavior through an accent on spiritual, moral and appearance development, activity abilities training and brash alertness for alive as a law-abiding aborigine who contributes to the able-bodied actuality of their community.”

This is declared to be an all-embracing affairs auspicious accepted rehabilitation. The time we accept helps us get afterpiece to activity home and actuality reacclimated aback into society, which is what IDOC claims to promote, that we’re reunited with our families. This is not consistently the case, because ability agents in positions of ability accept and will anticipate some of us from acceptable participants, by influencing the activity to anticipate us from actuality declared for an interview. The admiral are all one big ancestors here; one duke consistently washes the other.

Pursuant to Activity 04-03-103, Standards of Conduct for Department Staff: “All agents are amenable for acquirements and actuality in acquiescence with (all) IDOC Behavior and Procedures.” There is a accumulation of corrections agents at Wabash Valley abusing their positions of ability who appoint in “program discrimination” in corruption to the afterward behavior and procedures: 1) Activity 01-03-104, Faith and Character-based Apartment Program; 2) Activity 01-01-101, The Development and Delivery of Adult Academic and Vocational Programs; 3) Activity 01-01-1021, The Development and Delivery of Adult Educational and Recreational Library Services.

I will now allotment two specific examples of these abuses of ability that advance to affairs discrimination. A captive declared Mack Porter, No. 184041, was accustomed May 30, 2018, to participate in the PLUS Program. Aback it came time for this man to be confused to the assemblage that houses the PLUS prisoners, his move was cancelled. He was told by agents affiliate Lt. Kevin Ewers that he chock-full his move. Lt. Ewers chock-full him from actuality confused to N-House for the PLUS Affairs three times. That’s acutely discrimination.

I was placed in G-House citizenry on April 6, 2017. Back that day, I accept requested to be referred to the PLUS Affairs at atomic bristles times. I accept never accustomed an annual appliance nor accept I been accustomed to access the Pre-PLUS, which is a 90-day ecology process.

form 05 102
 form 6 6 - - form 05 102
form 6 6 – – form 05 102 | form 05 102

Recently, in June or July of 2018, afterwards advertisement this convenance as affairs discrimination, I was accustomed a affair with three agents associates apropos my actuality denied access into the PLUS Program. Assemblage Aggregation Administrator Ms. Heather Blasingame brash me that she had apropos that I would try and change things up and apparatus my own agenda.

However, the aegis administrator for apartment prisoners on the southside of the bastille angrily swore that if he had annihilation to do with it, he would never acquiesce me to participate in PLUS. Lt. Ewers is application his position and ascendancy to ambition prisoners by befitting us abandoned on the arctic ancillary of the facility. I’ve had alone two Chic C Conduct Reports; that wouldn’t stop me from entering any program.

Heather Blasingame fabricated a point to say she brash my case, saw the two Chic C Conduct Letters and said she’d rather I had NO conduct letters afore I entered the PLUS Program. They are abusing their ability and positions to abstract me on the arctic ancillary of the prison. Their accomplishments are amateurish and criminally prejudiced. Their conduct is conduct awkward staff.

When I breach a aphorism or policy, I am captivated to annual for it until I am in compliance. But this aforementioned accepted does not administer to agents associates at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. I was afresh in a corpuscle with a captive declared Thomas, and he got into a abrupt altercation with G-House day about-face Sgt. Lyday while we were in the shower.

This Sgt. Lyday came into our cell, G-405, and tore bottomward every account Thomas had up of his admiring family. Aback I asked why was he accomplishing this, he said because your cellie Thomas was aggravating to “punk” him out on his assemblage in advanced of added officers. I never said annihilation to him, yet he tore all of my pictures bottomward also, and he additionally agape all of my religious books on the floor.

As the Sergeant knows, his awful accomplishments are not in acquiescence with Activity 04-03-102, Advice and Standards of Conduct for Departmental Staff, which states: “There shall be no aggravation or backfire by agents adjoin any prisoner.” This Sgt. Lyday afresh accustomed a advance in September to Lt. Lyday, to baby-sit the arctic ancillary of this facility. Examples of corruption of job position, aggravation and amateurish backfire abide every day in Wabash Valley Correctional Facility.

Here at Wabash Valley Correctional Ability exists an ambiance of Prejudice, and Agents Nepotism, there are bodies alive at this ability who accord to the aforementioned family, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters, cousins, etc. Some of them are approved Correctional Officers, and some are Plainclothes Counselors, Case Managers, Assemblage Aggregation Managers, and abounding others authority ‘Ranking Positions’ such as, Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains. I will allotment some absolute examples of how Bribery works in favor of these agents persons, and not in favor of the prisoner.

For example, Lt. Kevin Ewers and his wife Amy Ewers are both alive at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. This bedmate and wife duo appointment on the aforementioned about-face and the aforementioned ancillary of the prison. Six months ago Amy Ewers, who is advisor for Mary Apartment Unit, gave my acquaintance and associate Mustapha Rasheed El-Malik a abrogating appointment appraisal on his job as a agent in the South-Side Law Library, battlefront him for allegedly photocopying addition prisoner’s acknowledged appointment for free. Amy Ewers was bushing in for Mrs. Hinton, who was Malik’s boss.

Amy Ewers declared her bedmate Lt. Kevin Ewers, who is the aegis administrator over captive housing, for admonition on what to do. They teamed up to accept Mustapha Rasheed El-Malik confused to a Belted Apartment Unit. With bedmate and wife alive together, how can we win? If one of us files a complaint or affliction on Amy Ewers in her accommodation as a counselor, her husband, Lt. Kevin Ewers, will be targeting us in some way. Our beef will be besmirched or we may accept a apocryphal conduct address filed adjoin us. They can accept me placed in allegory or belted housing.

The additional case involving agents bribery is Capt. Eric Brewer, who is aegis administrator and advance captain over all sergeants and lieutenants who appointment day about-face at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. He has 100 percent access over what happens during the day shift. His wife, Kay Brewer, has absolute ascendancy and in allegation over the bigger rehabilitation and time-cut affairs at this facility.

She runs the PLUS Program, “Purposeful Alive Units Serve.” Back April 2017, I accept had referrals submitted bristles or six times. They were all alone afterwards any explanations or justifications for it. Her husband, Capt. Eric Brewer, told me to my face that I allegation to stop autograph and accepting all that “Black Power” shit, advertence that he has brash Kay Brewer, his wife, not to let me become complex in the program. So, it is about what I accept in and not whether I authorize to participate.

Between July and August 2018, I requested a affair to acquisition out who was not for my entering the PLUS Program. Heather Blasingame, assemblage aggregation administrator in allegation of the southside of the ability over captive management, brash me to my face that she saw my name and removed every barometer submitted for me requesting to access the Program, because she “feels” that I would try to barrage a attack to change how things were actuality run, that I would try to advance my own agenda.

So, Capt. Eric Brewer, Kay Brewer, his wife, and their best acquaintance Heather Blasingame, acclimated their position to aboveboard appoint in abstract acumen and bigotry adjoin me. They are accomplishing this to abounding prisoners who are clumsy to bright what’s accident to them. Some abide bashful for abhorrence of acceptable a ambition of theirs.

On my speaking out for prisoners appropriate now on the bribery and corruption of positions that’s accident here, this empowers admiral to be biased and abominable adjoin me and others, in corruption of behavior and procedures pursuant to: Activity 00-00-101, The Organization and Operation of the Department of Correction; Activity 00-02-301, The Blackmailer Affliction Process; Activity 01-01-101, The Development and Delivery of Adult Academic and Vocational Programs; Activity 01-03-104, Faith and Character-Based Apartment Programs; and Activity 02-03-101, Searches and Shakedowns; additionally Activity 04-03-103, Advice and Standards of Conduct for Department Staff.

The Indiana Department of Corrections is an article absolute by the United States Constitution, the Indiana Constitution, federal and accompaniment law, and authoritative and operational behavior and procedures; it is the appointment of every agent to apperceive all of the above.

While housed on the (SCU) Allegory Bonds Assemblage actuality from 2003 through 2011, what I accomplished was that several did, and abounding would accomplish suicide in an attack to escape the targeted harassment, amateurish conduct and ancestral prejudice. Afterwards spending a absolute of 20 years housed in absolute bonds units, admitting I am no best in the (SCU), I apperceive that afflictive altitude still abide aback there.

I’m currently actuality captivated on belted apartment cachet by Internal Affairs at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. The G-Housing Assemblage acclimated to be accepted population, but in September of 2018, it became the Belted Movement Apartment Unit, isolating US from the accepted population. It’s all about control, and it’s 23 hours in the corpuscle and one hour recreation. The admiral accomplish on a cipher of conduct that is not in acquiescence with any activity or law I apperceive of.

I can adjure that they accept consistently put the lives of prisoners in harm’s way. While I don’t advance or disregard anybody harming children, the admiral are declared to assure these guys from harm; instead, they acknowledge their accuse to added prisoners, creating an ambiance by which these guys will best absolutely be extorted for aliment and money. The admiral apperceive that accomplishing so violates accustomed standards of conduct. They do it anyway, so this constitutes amateurish conduct.

The additional targeted aggravation archetype I accession was on Jan. 15, 2016, aback my corpuscle was the ambition of a chase for drugs by Sgt. Brian Mifflin, who filed a apocryphal allegation for Obstruction of Justice A-100. It was declared that I swallowed the drugs, but a drug-screening came aback negative.

form 05 102
 EX-6.6 - form 05 102
EX-6.6 – form 05 102 | form 05 102

I was again accustomed a hearing, begin accusable and accustomed six months in antidotal segregation. Again a consecutive address was denied. The additional address I again filed to the commissioner, and the allegation was adapted on April 27. 2016, by Robert D. Bugher’s Acknowledged Casework Division; it was bargain bottomward from an A-100 to a B-235 – Resisting. No drugs were begin in my corpuscle breadth or in my urine sample I agreeably provided a anniversary afterwards my corpuscle was targeted by Sgt. Mifflin. He was answer afterward that to the position of correctional advisor and assigned to the G-Housing Assemblage that I am housed in and assemblage advisor for the larboard ancillary of G-House!

Sometime in June or aboriginal July 2018, Advisor Brian Mifflin entered the larboard ancillary of G-Unit, absolved up to an blackmailer during day recreation, who was arena cards with added offenders sitting about him, and aside to him that he knew Leonard McQuay, No. 874304, owed him money. Accomplishing this beyond so abounding lines: First, he never accustomed this advice from me, and instantly fabricated it arise that I provided him with that information, causing all the prisoners at the table and assemblage who were aural aural to analyze me as a snitch. He created an ambiance of suspicion, distrust, angry intentions, actually acceptance corruption actuality done to me or my accessible death. For two canicule I never knew he had done this to me, until an ancient captive brash me that he witnessed Advisor Mifflin do this.

Counselor Mifflin absolutely abandoned my assurance or the accident he would be accomplishing to my acceptability or relationships with added prisoners. This acutely was his motive for such bent and amateurish behavior. He never came to me to accept what he did. I confronted him and he accepted it, and accompany of abundance declared for his battlefront or demotion. Nothing was done; he still charcoal a correctional advisor as you apprehend this.

What Advisor Brian Mifflin did was to actualize a assurance and aegis concern, and his accomplishments abandoned behavior and procedures for Activity 02-03-105, Aegis Blackmail Groups; Activity 02-03-115, High-Risk Offenders; and Activity 04-03-103, Standards of Conduct for Departmental Staff. His accomplishments apropos Black prisoners are actual abstract and acutely cold appear White prisoners. And he is biased aback it comes to Black prisoners affective to bigger accelerating units than G-House.

Wabash Valley Correctional Ability is a Level 3 and Level 4 facility, which is home to a lot of consecutive killers and bodies who accept acquired a lot of corruption to bodies in their corresponding communities, yet abounding of them become victims of some actual aweless bodies who accept been accomplished to be allegedly courteous, professional, amenable and admiring to prisoners in their custody.

Not all of the agents actuality are bad or criminal, so aback we apperceive the rules and their after-effects and breach them, we get a conduct address and a accustomed corruption for it. However, this accepted does not assume to administer to Wabash Valley Correctional Ability admiral or authoritative staff. Just recently, while on a four-week lock-down on Sept. 20, 2018, Correctional Officer Frye, assigned to day about-face G-Unit Belted Housing, approached my corpuscle with my cafeteria tray and stated, “McQuay, No. 874304, doesn’t accept no balls.” I asked him, if I had no balls, what is he adage that I accept then? He declared that I had a vagina. All of this came out of nowhere. Prior to this, I never had any issues with Officer Frye.

I filed a PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003) complaint adjoin him, and on Sept. 28, 2018, my complaint was disqualified unsubstantiated; these facts I asserted were true, yet it was artlessly swept beneath the rug. Things such as this appear every day to assorted prisoners, who rarely address them for abhorrence of actuality labeled by admiral as snitches. Some abhorrence actuality accoutrement on apocryphal accuse or accepting their beef searched and accepting emblem items and acreage destroyed or confiscated; had I been reactionary about it, I’d accept appear out of my corpuscle and exhausted him up. I would be surrendering to my activity actuality over, my lot would be dying in prison.

Pursuant to activity Executive Directive 17-09, IDOC can booty all my becoming acclaim time from me for assaulting any agents volunteers alive at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. Meaning, if I accept 60 years straight, I can’t accord them no added of my life.

Officer Frye and all the agents who appoint in his affectionate of bent behavior, who breach the Cipher of Belief or affectation conduct awkward of staff, are the absolute abyss here. Their accomplishments are not in acquiescence with and breach activity and activity for Activity 01-05-101, Agents Development and Training; and Activity 04-03-103, Standards of Conduct for Departmental Staff.

These violations abide to abide beneath the alert eyes of their superiors. The admiral appoint in careful amateur of accord with assorted prisoners, by accouterment advice to them on abrogating account circulating about added prisoners. This is carefully done to accumulate us disconnected as a captive class. Accepting us at allowance with one addition this way has accurate to accumulate our eyes off the absolute violations that charge this bastille environment. I am not abashed to allege up and allege out adjoin these animal and civilian rights violations that aren’t actuality challenged on my watch at this facility.

Recently, Wabash Valley Correctional Ability adapted G-House into a Belted Movement Unit, which was the abstraction of about-face aegis Lt. Scott Fisher, whose wife is a correctional advisor and case artisan in the P-Housing Unit. They both were amenable for selecting anybody for adjustment into this assemblage and absitively who would leave for a new accepted citizenry appointment or be larboard in the anew adapted G-House.

Many of us who are currently in the G-Housing Assemblage and on Belted Movement Cachet are actuality unjustly, because the belief don’t administer to those of us who accept acceptable conduct records. Lt. Fisher and his agents accept beggared me and added prisoners of the following:

1) religious services;

2) educational services;

3) rehabilitation programs;

4) alfresco aliment sales;

5) three-four hours of amusement bargain to one hour;

6) jobs.

I am a Sunni Muslim who has abounding my religious casework and alternate in congregational adoration every Friday, consistently. This abnegation of congregational adoration is a bright First Amendment corruption of the U.S. Constitution. Plus, it violates Article 1, Section 4, Freedom of Religion, of the Indiana Constitution.

form 05 102
 Form 6 6 - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller - form 05 102
Form 6 6 – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller – form 05 102 | form 05 102

I accept currently able a chic activity for myself and all prisoners who are analogously anchored and afflicted by this corruption of ability and harassment. They’ve rushed to get these beds that a lot of the prisoners larboard abaft in G-Unit’s Belted Movement and shouldn’t be housed here. Also, abounding confused in from accepted citizenry were break selected, pursuant to Activity 02-01-111, Belted Movement Unit, according to Ability Directive WVC 02-01.

They are advising prisoners and our families that we are appropriately placed, but how is that correct, aback I don’t fit the belief by accepting no accepted conduct infraction? By not accepting the alfresco blank that would ensure the accomplishments of every agent at Wabash Valley Correctional Ability who played an alive role in this adjustment activity had done so in acquiescence with activity and procedure. And also, that these placements weren’t unlawfully acclimated as abominable or castigating excuses to accompany assertive prisoners not advantaged by those administrators who were called to adapt the account for adjustment in Belted Movement.

We are all filing grievances accepting accessible to bankrupt all of our authoritative remedies. Abounding of the agents associates I accept called to be declared in this columnist absolution and address accept targeted abounding of us who are now housed in G-Housing Belted Movement. I feel they exploited this moment to abstract me and the others from actuality in positions to excel and be acknowledged in our pursuits of college acquirements and advantageous self-help programming.

I am alone and on account of all added prisoners in G-Housing Belted Movement, analogously situated, calling on you to apprehend this absolution and address completely, and admonition us barrage an analysis adjoin the Wabash Valley Correctional Ability agents associates declared below:

1) Capt. Eric Brewer, about-face supervisor

2) Kay Brewer, PLUS Program

3) Lt. Kevin Ewers, aegis supervisor

4) Amy Ewers, correctional counselor

5) Lt. Scott Fisher and Advisor Fisher

6) Heather Blasingame, assemblage aggregation manager

7) Kevin Hunter, assemblage aggregation manager

8) Brian J. Mifflin, G-Unit counselor

Sincerely submitted,

Mr. Leonard McQuay, No. 874304, (Bro. Khalfani Malk Khaldun)

cc: Indiana Senate, Speaker of the Indiana House, Appointment of Gov. Eric Holcomb, IDOC Abettor Carter’s Office, Douglas S. Garrison, Robert Bugher, Todd Tappy, Jack Hendrix, Indiana ACLU Director Kenneth J. Falk, Indiana Accompaniment Sen. Ben Carson, U.S. Department of Justice

Compiled and researched by Leonard McQuay, No. 874304, additionally represented today as Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun, who spent a complete 20 years central Indiana Department of Corrections’ Solitary Bonds Units. I accept been confined central IDOC back the age of 17, in 1987. The affect of this absolution and address unavoidably will aftereffect in the filing of a U.S.C. §1983 federal class-action lawsuit.

Send our brother some adulation and light: Khalfani Khaldun (Leonard McQuay), 874304, WVCF Q-512, P.O. Box 1111, Carlisle IN 47838.


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form 05 102
 EX-6.6 - form 05 102
EX-6.6 – form 05 102 | form 05 102