Street Child World Cup

Although Tom is not currently involved with Street Child World Cup, his work played the key role in inspiring its inception. A few years before 2010 Tom Hewitt hosted a group of British visitors at Umthombo Street Children in Durban. The group were chatting about the then upcoming FIFA World Cup of  2010. Inspired by the street children of Durban and the work of Umthombo, one of the visitors suggested that it would be great to have  a football world cup for street children.

Fast forward to 2010, Tom and Umthombo Street Children hosted the first ever Street Child World Cup, a few months before the FIFA World Cup itself. It  saw teams of ex-street children from all over the world competing. It provided a platform for street children to speak about their experiences and a tool for  highlighting the rights of street children.

Street Child World Cup has now become its own organisation. It is currently focused on the 2014 Street Child World Cup in Brazil.