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MOSCOW, March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

pro forma format
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Mail.Ru Accumulation Limited (MAIL.IL, hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “the Group”), one of the better Internet companies in the Russian-speaking Internet market, today releases audited IFRS after-effects and articulation banking advice for the year concluded 31 December 2017.

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Performance highlights*�

���� Three months concluded 31 December 2017

���� Twelve months concluded 31 December 2017

-Net banknote position as of 31 December 2017 was RUR 15,371 million.

Key Recent Developments�

Operational and artefact updates�

Corporate updates�

pro forma format
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Commenting on the after-effects of the Company, Dmitry Grishin, Chairman of the Board, and Boris Dobrodeev, CEO (Russia) of Mail.Ru Group, said:�

“We are admiring to address our after-effects for the fourth analysis and the abounding year 2017. In Q4 we accept connected to see able advance in all areas and revenues, including all acquisitions on a pro forma basis, grew 32.6% Y-o-Y to RUR 17,564m. As we accept declared previously, 2017 was a year of abundant advance for us as we put cogent assets abaft a cardinal of our new projects, abnormally our O2O initiatives. In 2017, these new projects did not accord to EBITDA. Headline Q4 EBITDA accordingly grew 29.7% Y-o-Y to RUR 6,445m. For the FY 2017, revenues accept developed on a pro-forma abject 34.4% Y-o-Y to RUR 57,469m and EBITDA 14.7% Y-o-Y to RUR 20,551m.

Excluding the RUR 768m one-off non-cash tax allegation in Q4 2016, to acquiesce like-for-like comparison, EBITDA grew 12.3% and 10.0% Y-o-Y in Q4 and FY 2017 respectively.

Advertising acquirement advance remained able in Q4, with all the aloft trends we accept apparent over the aftermost 2 years continuing, apprenticed by growing user engagement, bigger announcement technologies and sales execution. We connected to advance in our new businesses and admeasure allotment of our annual to advance these new products, which acutely had a attached aftereffect on annual accessible for sale. Even demography this into account, our announcement acquirement connected to abound advanced of the market. Announcement revenues in Q4 grew 29.4% Y-o-Y to RUR 7,679m and in FY 2017 grew 28.9% to RUR 23,766m.

As in antecedent periods, the fastest growing announcement revenues remained promo posts beyond the amusing networks. Our built-in in-feed video formats are accepting added adopted by both ability and achievement aggressive advertisers. In agreement of all-embracing chump budgets we abide to see announcement budgets about-face to online from all added mediums and in online appear adaptable and amusing networks in particular. Traditional offline brands are allocating growing genitalia of their media absorb to mobile, abnormally to social. This trend accelerated in 2017 and we apprehend it to abide in 2018.

Mobile continues to be a key focus and the allotment of adaptable announcement revenues central the amusing networks rose from about one third in 2016 to a bisected in 2017. In 2017 we focused on the announcement artefact and technologies that drive efficiency, accuracy and actualize bulk for our ally by convalescent ROI. We will abide these efforts in 2018.

In Q4 VK connected to accomplish acerb with added advance in engagement. VK charcoal aloft all of its key competitors in agreement of user numbers and new downloads. It additionally continues to decidedly beat in agreement of assurance metrics on both desktop and mobile. In Q4, VK revenues grew 53.2% Y-o-Y to RUR 4,584m. Announcement connected to be the aggregate of the revenues, and as in antecedent periods, while IVAS added in Q4, announcement revenues grew faster than absolute revenues.

As in 2017 the focus in 2018 will abide on adaptable advertising. As advanced commented we apprehend the ad bulk and appraisement to abide to grow. We abide to see cogent added opportunities for VK with both assurance and the advance of the platform. We will additionally focus on the business eco-system and abide to advance appearance allowance businesses and users to acquaint and transact on the platform. There are already hundreds of bags business groups on VK apery assorted ample and baby companies and clandestine entrepreneurs, our ambition is to advice them abound their business while accouterment advantageous accoutrement for our users.

We abide to advance our video platforms that now accept over 1.1bn boilerplate circadian angle in total, and we are actively developing new formats such as alive alive breadth VK and OK accept the arch alive video platforms, VK Alive and OK Alive respectively, on the Russian market. We started to agreement with own content, bringing calm aloft agreeable producers, new media agreeable creators, bloggers and brands. OK LIVE annual allocution appearance now has an admirers of about 2m per adventure on average. In Q4 VK streamed the world’s alone 24/7 alive agenda AI absoluteness appearance which drew over 219 actor angle from 33 actor users in total. VK has additionally developed and streamed its own music accolade that was fabricated in adaptable screencast architecture and accumulated added than 16m views.

pro forma format
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In Q4 2017 on a pro forma abject our MMO amateur acquirement grew 34.6% Y-o-Y to RUR 5,196m and for the abounding year grew 53.0% to RUR 17,422m. International revenues additionally connected to abound and in Q4 accounted for 55% of absolute MMO revenues. As was the case in the blow of the year, Q4 advance was apprenticed by a ample abject with advancing success in both accustomed and afresh appear titles. Warface and War Robots abide to accomplish able-bodied and are our two better games. HAWK connected the acceptable achievement from Q3. Additionally the absolution of Hustle Castle has been able-bodied accustomed and we accept a abounding activity for 2018 on PC, adaptable and console. Despite a aerial abject aftereffect and the VAT aftereffect no best applying to amateur we would apprehend that FY 2018 MMO amateur revenues will abide to appearance acceptable achievement with advance accepted to be broadly in band with all-embracing accumulation acquirement advance rates.

In Q4 2017 IVAS revenues grew 24.1% Y-o-Y and for the FY 2017 grew 17.6%. While the alteration to adaptable IVAS charcoal challenging, the new cross-platform IVAS initiatives accurately the cable annual and the VIP casework on OK accept fabricated some progress. We will be added exploring new adaptable articles during 2018, including anew launched mobile-first IVAS products, such as music subscriptions and live-stream donations. For FY 2018 IVAS revenues are accepted to be broadly collapsed Y-o-Y, as such IVAS revenues will abide to abatement as a allotment of absolute revenues. Accustomed the artefact absolution timings in 2018 we would additionally apprehend that IVAS revenues will be somewhat added H2 abounding than in antecedent years.

During Q4 Delivery Club connected to appearance actual able advance in all operating metrics. As expected, the ZakaZaka affiliation is now completed. In Q4 2017 the boilerplate annual orders for the accumulated Delivery Club business grew 65% Y-o-Y on a pro-forma abject to 862,000 orders, and the cardinal of restaurants accomplished 7,000. In December adjustment numbers were about 1m. We abide to accomplish a cardinal of improvements to the artefact to accomplish it both easier for the user to order, and easier for the restaurants to administer and action orders.. Based on the accepted trend curve we advanced that Delivery Club FY 2018 revenues will abide to acquaintance actual able growth. While we abide to advance in Delivery Club, we accept that we are accomplished the aiguille advance appearance and during Q4 we connected the action of business approach optimization. As advanced stated, we abide to apprehend that Delivery Club will move into advantage during 2018.

Since its launch, aloof over 2 years ago, our location-based exchange Youla has apparent constant and able user growth. This has connected in Q4 2017 with a new aerial of 24m annual alive users and 5m circadian alive users on all platforms. The app charcoal consistently in the Top-10 All-embracing in Russia in the App Store and Google Play accumulated (according to App Annie). With the affiliation of Am.ru and the barrage of our absolute acreage alms on both desktop and mobile, we abide to aggrandize the ability of Youla. As we said advanced we advised that a user abject aloft 20m would represent a able abject to alpha monetization. As such, during Q4 we started monetization abstracts with answer listings and again broadcast this to announcement and added accompanying payments. In December we appear that Youla had already accomplished a aiguille of RUR 2m circadian revenue. We are admiring to advertise that back again monetization has had added absolute dynamics. During 2018 we plan to added admission monetization.

In December we commented on the antecedent after-effects of our new cantankerous bound bazaar abode Pandao. Pandao had its abounding barrage at the alpha of November and back again has fabricated actual cogent advance and in Q4 Pandao had over 500,000 orders. To date we accept had over 8.5m downloads and in February had 5.5m annual alive users. With 1.2m orders in January, and a aiguille circadian adjustment cardinal of 370,000 in February we are actual admiring with its antecedent progress. SKUs abide to see able growth. The launch, and consecutive progress, has exceeded our expectations and we see that there is actual able appeal from both suppliers and users. As such we see a actual cogent befalling for Pandao and appropriately accept increased, and brought forward, our investments into this area. We will accordingly be putting cogent assets abaft Pandao through 2018 as we materially added aggrandize marketing, agreeable and distribution.

In January 2018 we appear the accretion of ESforce, one of the better eSports companies in the world. The cardinal fit with both our amusing networks and our amateur is actual clear. The basal bazaar continues to see actual fast advance and ESforce is able-bodied positioned to annual from this as it has acknowledgment to all of the key verticals. As we said in the annual in January we will attending to abide to aggressively aggrandize the business and will attending to accomplishment synergies with the added network. As such we apprehend that ESforce 2018 revenues will abound amid 80-100% and the losses apparent in 2017 will bisect with the business affective into advantage at the end of this year. The accord is accepted to abutting in March, and as with antecedent acquisitions, and in adjustment to accord a like-for-like comparison, we will address all ESforce after-effects activity advanced on a pro-forma basis.

In Q4, the banknote breeding accommodation of our business remained banausic and banknote about-face was as expected. As a aftereffect net banknote at the end of FY 2017 was RUR 15.4bn.

We are actual admiring with the acquisitions we accept fabricated over the aftermost 18 months and the advance they accept made. All of them fit able-bodied with the bulk action and adaptable assets of the Accumulation and present cogent opportunities for the future. The cogent aggregate advance of the accumulated Delivery Club and ZakaZaka and its affiliation with Mail.ru’s amusing backdrop as able-bodied as leveraging the companies gaming administration in War Robots are acceptable examples of the arrangement furnishings we abide to attending for. With a able antithesis breadth and banausic banknote breeding capabilities, we will abide to appraise added similar-sized accretion opportunities in the future.

Starting from the alpha of 2018, and forth with all added companies application IFRS, we will be applying the new IFRS 15 standard. IFRS 15 introduces a altered acquirement acceptance archetypal that, as applies to the Company, after-effects in a added bourgeois analysis of assertive affairs breadth third-party agents are involved. In adjustment to acquiesce for like-for-like allegory we accept additionally accustomed FY 2017 after-effects on both the advanced acclimated IAS 18 and new IFRS 15 standards. Accustomed the added bourgeois analysis of IFRS 15 beneath this accepted our FY 2017 acquirement would accept been RUR 55,768m; FY 2017 EBITDA would accept been the aforementioned (in the bulk of RUR 20,551m). For absolute clarity, we will be applying IFRS 15 to both the administration accounts and the audited IFRS statements activity forward, and advanced attractive advice will be accustomed on this basis.

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2017 was a actual able year for Mail.Ru Accumulation with absolute revenues growing by added than a third. Announcement revenues connected to annual from the accouterment in ad budgets appear online, and in online budgets appear amusing networks. The amateur analysis accomplished well, and continues its amplification internationally and beyond new platforms. Delivery Club continues to appearance acceptable growth, and Youla antecedent monetization was advanced of our expectations. Pandao has developed actual rapidly from its barrage in November and presents us with a cogent approaching opportunity. While IVAS still has challenges with the adaptable transition, 2017 saw some stabilization, and we abide to apprehend IVAS to progressively become a abate allotment of revenues. Demography all this into account, we abide to accept we abide able-bodied positioned overall.

2018 has started able-bodied and based on accepted visibility, and as advanced discussed, application the new added bourgeois IFRS 15 standard, we are admiring to accord antecedent FY 2018 pro-forma Y-o-Y acquirement advance advice of 23-28% to amid RUR 68.6-71.4bn. This does not accommodate any addition from ESforce accustomed that the transaction has not yet closed. With Youla and Pandao monetisation accretion through the year and the H2 weighting of IVAS we would apprehend the absolute acquirement advance will additionally be somewhat added H2 abounding than in antecedent years.

Inside the bulk amusing arrangement business, the basal margins are accepted to be broadly collapsed in 2018. However, we accept been actual encouraged by the antecedent advance of Pandao and as such are materially increasing, and bringing forward, our advance in this business. We are attractive to advance at atomic an added RUR 3bn in this breadth in 2018. Demography this advance into account, we apprehend FY 2018 EBITDA to be amid RUR 21 to 22bn.”

Conference call�

The administration aggregation will host an analyst and broker appointment alarm at 9.00 UK time (12.00 Moscow time), on Thursday 1st March 2018, including a Question and Answer session.

To participate in this appointment call, amuse use the afterward admission details:

Confirmation Code: 6755935 Participant Toll Free Telephone Numbers: From Russia 7 495 213 1767 From the UK 44 (0)330 336 9105 From the US 1 323 794 2551

SOURCE Mail.Ru Accumulation Limited

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