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Nate Henry (right), Nick’s identical twin, is healthy. Nick’s aerial levels of a atom alleged suPAR may explain his illness.

medical technologist resume template
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Medical Technologist Resume Summary | Dadaji.us | medical technologist resume template

Nick Henry aboriginal accomplished the affection of branch ache in 2004, anon afterwards the 19-year-old had a astringent acknowledgment to a spider bite. “I woke up one morning, and I was aloof bloated from arch to toe,” he recalls. But doctors managed Henry’s disease, acceptance him to acknowledgment to his almighty animate lifestyle—including baseball, softball, basketball, banderole football, golf, and fishing—in his northeast Louisiana hometown of West Monroe. Anon afterwards he witnessed the afterlife of his mother in a motor scooter blow in 2012, however, Henry’s renal bloom took a affecting about-face for the worse. “It’s about as if my anatomy went into shock,” he says. “Within a brace months, boom, I started abscess up again.”

That abscess was a assurance that his kidneys were no best animate normally. A biopsy accepted that he had focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a astringent anatomy of branch disease. In FSGS, the kidney’s glomeruli—the diminutive filtration units that clarify balance aqueous and decay articles from the blood—become ever leaky; capital proteins such as albumin bleed out, abolition claret allure and causing aqueous to aperture from the claret argosy into tissues throughout the body. Henry’s action attenuated so rapidly that by July 2014, his doctors in Shreveport, Louisiana, absitively to abolish both afflicted kidneys. The abutting month, Henry accustomed a crude branch from his identical twin, Nate, who was healthy, alike admitting FSGS can be abiogenetic in origin.

Within a day of the transplant, however, Henry acquainted like the abscess was advancing back. At first, his doctors reassured him that he was accomplishing fine. “Once they arrested my urine, saw me spilling a agglomeration of protein again,” he says, “they accomplished [FSGS] was advancing the new kidney.” Three canicule afterwards the surgery, Henry’s doctors conceded that the anew crude branch had already become diseased. His displace doctor, Neeraj Singh of Louisiana State University in Shreveport, says the ceremony was “one of the best affecting cases I’ve seen.”

The abrupt abortion of Henry’s new branch is a contempo affiliate in a long-running medical mystery, dating to aback branch transplants became accepted in the 1970s. Up to 30% of crude kidneys abort in FSGS patients—not because of allowed bounce by the body, as doctors aboriginal suspected, but because the new agency anon begins accedence to the aforementioned ache action that ravaged the aboriginal ones. As he struggled to cope with that adverse about-face of contest (and relied on dialysis to break alive), Henry catholic to Chicago, Illinois, to argue with Jochen Reiser, a branch ache specialist who is administrator of centralized anesthetic at Rush University Medical Centermost there.

Ever aback he abstruse about such displace failures 2 decades earlier, Reiser has been assertive that “there is article in the claret circulating that attacks the kidney. And we were out to bolt that.” What he and colleagues affirmation to accept “caught,” in an afflicted but still advance adventure of atomic detective assignment over the accomplished 10 years, is a protein accepted as acrid urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR). Aback Reiser analyzed claret samples from the Henry twins, the after-effects accumbent with the bulletin he has been admonition with evangelical animation for years. Nate, the advantageous brother, had almost low levels of suPAR; Nick’s were high—a active force, Reiser believes, of his branch failure.

Nick Henry had a branch transplant, but his new agency bound deteriorated, and he spends his nights on dialysis.

Chronic branch ache affects 14% of the U.S. population, with estimates suggesting about 600 actor bodies afflicted worldwide. The ache steadily erodes the kidneys’ adeptness to clarify the blood, generally arch to cardiovascular ache and abortive death. Branch disease—which can anon advance the filtration process, as in FSGS, or accident the kidney’s abutment structure—is decidedly insidious because by the time the aboriginal analytic signs appear, patients accept irreversibly “burned off” abundant of their branch function. Historically, the arch blow factors accept been aerial claret pressure, diabetes, and African-American ancestry. (Several mutations associated with added blow are added accepted in African-Americans.)

But assay by Reiser and others has badly challenged that adequate account of risk. If suPAR levels are low, bodies with the high-risk genes are no added adequate to advance branch ache than bodies afterwards those gene variants, Reiser says. If suPAR levels are high, bodies are at greater blow of developing the ache behindhand of whether they accept the mutations.

Molecular studies in animals as able-bodied as a growing cardinal of analyses of ample beastly populations advertence suPAR with branch ache accept bolstered his confidence—and assertive him the ache could be advised by suppressing suPAR. Some added advisers aren’t convinced, acquainted that several analytic studies begin no bright affiliation amid suPAR levels and FSGS. But on both abandon of the agitation there is boundless allure with suPAR, a ubiquitous, Zelig-like eyewitness atom that, at animated levels in the blood, seems to apprehension abounding bloom calamities, such as affection attacks, diabetes, and abortive death. Whatever suPAR’s absolute role in branch disease, the atom appears to be a almighty arresting advertisement by an allowed arrangement beneath siege. It is alluringly astute to inflammation, an accelerant for abounding diseases.

medical technologist resume template
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Medical Technologist Resume – Resume Templates | medical technologist resume template

“What is inflammation?” asks biochemist Jesper Eugen-Olsen of the University of Copenhagen, a avant-garde in suPAR research. “It’s the accent of cells. It’s how beef acquaint with anniversary other. Aback article is activity wrong, the allowed arrangement is activated. It produces suPAR … and suPAR is a articulation that aloof shouts, ‘Get on with it! Article is activity on!’”

In neither accomplishments nor actualization does Reiser accommodate with the accessible angel of the administrator of a above city medical center. His 10th attic appointment at Rush sits aloof abaft a aisle lined with photographs of hospital administrators activity aback to the 19th century—stern-faced, all-knowing medical patriarchs. Inside, Reiser, 46, sports a admirable striped dejected suit, fashionably chubby beard, red socks, and glossy aphotic hair. Accepted amid colleagues as aggressive and scientifically gregarious, he has been acquisitive to coact with anyone absorbed in exploring suPAR biology, and his brash, full-on actualization extends to the credible affectation of large-format books adulatory the history of Aston Martins (he owns one) and Porsches on the coffee table in his office. Describing the acceleration of abstracts accumulating for a cardboard that several years ago concluded up in The New England Journal of Anesthetic (NEJM), he says, “It was like activity from aught to 200 in no time,” abacus sheepishly, “Car analogy.”

Born and aloft in the baby German apple of Remchingen, on the eastern bend of the Atramentous Forest, Reiser got his medical bulk and Ph.D. from Heidelberg University and did an across address at Albert Einstein College of Anesthetic in New York City. Specializing in branch disease, he went on to conduct assay at Harvard Medical School in Boston and became arch of nephrology at the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Anesthetic in Florida afore actuality assassin by Rush in 2012.

Reiser’s accession in the United States in 1999 coincided with renewed absorption in analytic the abstruseness of why up to 30% of FSGS patients who accept transplants see the ache recur in the new kidney. Aloof 3 years earlier, a accumulation headed by Flavio Vincenti, a displace specialist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and Virginia Savin, at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, appear a above clue. They appear in NEJM that they had accumulated affirmation for an FSGS-promoting agency in the claret of displace recipients who’d accomplished recurrences; they couldn’t abstract the exact protein, but aback colleagues afterwards injected an abstract of such patients’ claret into rodents, the animals’ kidneys became absorbent and agitated protein in the urine. That abstruse “permeability factor” became “the angelic grail” of the field, according to Sanja Sever, a atomic biologist who studies branch ache at Massachusetts Accepted Hospital in Boston.

While still in Germany, Reiser had accomplished his assay efforts on a different renal corpuscle alleged the podocyte (so alleged because of its amoebic, faintly footlike extensions). That best angry out to be fortunate. The branch has about 1 actor glomeruli, and in anniversary one, hundreds of podocytes arch the gap amid the bloodstream and the urinary system. Their footlike extensions blanket about capillaries coil through the kidneys and, forth with two added layers of tissue, anatomy a concrete cobweb of cells, like a three-ply awning door, that allows alone baby molecules—sodium ions, potassium ions, and metabolic wastes—to canyon into the urinary tract. Aback the podocytes become damaged, however, they about lose their architectural integrity. The branch filters afresh become leaky, acceptance beyond capital proteins such as albumin to escape from the claret and canyon into the urine.

It’s like a coffee filter, Sever says. “If there are holes in your filter, afresh you get some coffee area in your urine.” Podocyte accident can be antipodal aboriginal in branch disease. But, she says, “If you accumulate accident them, there’s a point of no return. … You are basically walking against end-stage renal disease.”

In one book for a astringent anatomy of branch disease, a blood-borne atom alleged acrid urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) disrupts the organ’s filtration units, or glomeruli, which abolish decay and aqueous from the bloodstream. Added molecules may accent this attack.

A alarming allowed responseAnimal models advance adolescent allowed beef in the cartilage bottom absolution added suPAR aback an beastly is beneath attack. The molecule, an advantageous brand of ill health, may be anon baneful to the kidney. A HEALTHY FILTERIn anniversary glomerulus, the footlike extensions of beef alleged podocytes blanket about capillaries, applicable calm deeply to actualize attenuated “slit diaphragms.” The slits anatomy a accomplished cobweb that allows alone baby molecules to escape from the bloodstream into the urine. KIDNEY DISEASE Branch GlomerulusFunctional assemblage of branch Podocyte Glomerular basement film Endothelial corpuscle suPAR suPAR Monocyte Adolescent myeloid corpuscle Neutrophil Podocyte absent to urinary amplitude Slit diaphragm Capillary Albumin arising Cartilage marrow

What causes such damage? Reiser doubtable that the abstruse blood-borne agency disrupts podocytes through receptor molecules on their corpuscle surface. He focused on one: β3-integrin, a atom whose activation perturbs the appearance and activity of cells. Aback he looked for the atomic key that angry the lock of the integrin receptor, he credible that oncologists had already been animate on one such protein, urokinase PAR (uPAR), a corpuscle credible receptor that plays a role in blight metastasis. Reiser became alike added absorbed aback he abstruse that uPAR can be broken from corpuscle surfaces and broadcast in the blood—at which point it becomes a acrid accessory accepted as suPAR. Maybe suPAR was the abstruse kidney-destroying factor.

In 2011, Reiser and colleagues appear in Nature Medicine that in corpuscle culture, suPAR damaged beastly podocytes through the integrin pathway. The advisers supplemented that affirmation with three abrasion models assuming that rodents with animated levels of suPAR suffered branch damage, although sometimes added boring than in FSGS. With beastly analytic abstracts suggesting that animated suPAR levels activated with the ceremony of FSGS in patients, a account emerged in which the protein triggers a pathogenic action that ultimately produces holes in the coffee filter, arch to branch disease.

medical technologist resume template
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Medical Technologist Resume Sample | Free Resume Templates | medical technologist resume template

The allegation both electrified and polarized the nephrology community. In a annotation for Nature Medicine, Martin Pollak of Harvard Medical School, who studies the assay of branch disease, and nephrologist Stuart Shankland of the University of Washington in Seattle declared the allegation as “paradigm animate for our compassionate of the pathogenesis of FSGS.”

But some groups could not acquisition the aforementioned analytic affiliation amid suPAR levels and alternate ache in FSGS patients, and added groups questioned the agreement and estimation of the beastly models. And behindhand of whether suPAR absolutely destroys the kidney, abounding nephrologists anticipation its levels were not actual informative—by the time those specialists saw patients with branch disease, suPAR levels were already aerial and offered no anxiety value. With Reiser claiming to accept begin the “holy grail” alike as several groups were advertisement antagonistic results, says one source, “People acquainted actual emotional.”

By that point, accession key fiber of the suPAR adventure had emerged in Europe. There, the focus was on the atom as a abeyant biomarker for a ambit of diseases.

The aboriginal clues came from AIDS patients. In Copenhagen, Eugen-Olsen and others advised claret calm from added than 300 HIV patients in the aboriginal 1990s, afore life-saving antiretroviral therapies became available. All those patients had died, but a attendant assay showed their suPAR levels eerily activated with ache progression: College levels were associated with an beforehand death. Eugen-Olsen afresh spent several years accommodating with a hospital in the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau, testing suPAR levels in patients doubtable of actuality HIV-infected. Again, college suPAR levels predicted a quicker afterlife amid the infected. Surprisingly, however, suPAR additionally predicted bloodshed in patients who didn’t accept AIDS; abounding angry out to accept tuberculosis. That award led him to accept that suPAR ability be a added accepted biomarker for abiding inflammation.

In 2001, Eugen-Olsen founded the aggregation ViroGates, which began to accomplish a almost bargain analysis to admeasurement suPAR levels in the blood. With the analysis in hand, he and colleagues in Copenhagen began to attending at collections of claret samples banked in large-cohort -to-be studies. In one alleged MONICA, which monitored advantageous associates of the Danish citizenry for about 13 years, animated levels of suPAR were associated with a college blow of cardiovascular disease, blazon 2 diabetes, cancer, and abortive death. Two added ample European populations, enrolled in the Malmo Diet and Blight Abstraction and the Danish Inter99 Study, showed agnate associations.

The allegation bent the absorption of advisers at Emory University School of Anesthetic in Atlanta who had been attractive for new and bigger biomarkers to adumbrate blow of adverse cardiac contest in bodies with affection disease. The advisers had congenital the Emory Cardiovascular Biobank with serum from several thousand patients. “We draw blood, and we chase them for years,” says Salim Hayek, a physician and assay adolescent at Emory. Aback two of Hayek’s colleagues, Danny Eapen and Arshed Quyyumi, delved into the biobank, they begin that college suPAR levels predicted affection attacks and death, as they appear in the Journal of the American Affection Affiliation in 2014. (At the anniversary affair of the American College of Cardiology aftermost month, Hayek presented added affirmation from the Emory group, suggesting that suPAR is a bigger augur of cardiac contest including affection attacks and afterlife than any added biomarker in boundless analytic use.)

Jochen Reiser has spent years accession affirmation that suPAR mounts a able advance on the kidney.

In accession to confined as an augury of ill health, suPAR seems to be a appreciably astute indicator of affairs insults. Studies accept credible that the protein’s claret levels about acceleration with blubber and with smoking. (Eugen-Olsen, an abiding smoker, confesses that he quits aback his suPAR levels acceleration and resumes aback they abate again.) “Just attractive at the data,” Hayek says, “clearly the ambiance is a abundant beyond contributor to suPAR than genetics.”

With its links to assorted diseases and ecology stresses, suPAR appears to sit at the antecedent of allowed signaling, abiding inflammation, and tissue damage. Amid the protein’s accustomed sources are fat cells, allowed cells, and endothelial cells, which aftermath low baseline levels. But a aggregation led by Reiser and David Scadden of the Harvard Stem Corpuscle Institute showed in 2017 that in mice, adolescent “stemlike” beef in the cartilage bottom can absolution a beating of suPAR aback the allowed arrangement detects an attack.

Reiser believes suPAR is an age-old and ambiguous way for the allowed arrangement to accelerate burning signals to the above agency systems aback an beastly faces a astringent claiming from ache or the environment. Branch damage, he says, is the abiding bulk of that basic signaling mechanism. “As one example,” he says, “you get infected, you absolution added suPAR, you accessible your kidneys up, and you can dump the big molecules out into the urine. About like a archaic coupling of the allowed arrangement to basic organs.” In an astute infection, he says, the anatomy actively needs to even out bacterial toxins, almost big molecules. But if that anarchic signaling becomes chronic, it takes its assessment on branch function—a accommodation that may accept been adequate beforehand in beastly history, Reiser suggests, but is beneath so now. “If you animate 40 years long, you can bake off the branch this way, no problem,” he says. “If you animate to be 80, 90, 100, you ability bake off your kidneys too soon.”

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For Reiser, the Emory cardiac biobank offered a adventitious to put to blow the angle that aerial levels of suPAR are artlessly a all-embracing assurance of declining kidneys, not a cause. Aback he saw the 2014 affection blow cardboard from the Emory group, he had the accessible question: Could the ample databank appearance whether suPAR levels predicted the access of branch ache years later? He anon accursed off an email to Hayek.

The Emory-based accumulation bound agreed to conduct aftereffect renal examinations in added than 1300 patients who had no affirmation of branch dysfunction aback they enrolled. The aggregation begin a able articulation amid aerial suPAR levels and the afterwards development of branch disease. For patients with the accomplished levels of suPAR, the blow was three times that of patients in the everyman group, and suPAR levels could adumbrate branch ache up to 5 years afore the aboriginal affection appeared. “The aftereffect was huge,” Hayek recalls.

The affiliation was so robust, he says, that aback the accumulation aboriginal submitted its allegation for publication, “the aboriginal acknowledgment we got from [NEJM] was: ‘How is that affiliation so strong? Is that real? Article is amiss with your cohort.’” But afterwards Hayek and Reiser begin the aforementioned affiliation in a second, different cohort—the Women’s Interagency HIV Study—NEJM appear their allegation in 2015. “In that paper,” Reiser says, “we could appearance that suPAR is the arch blow agency accepted in advantageous bodies for new abiding branch disease. Alike stronger than hypertension, diabetes, atramentous race—all of these blow factors that are accepted to be strong. Aback you acclimatize for those, suPAR had the arch risk.”

In the latest allotment of evidence, appear aftermost summer in Nature Medicine, Reiser collaborated with advisers at the African American Abstraction of Branch Ache and Hypertension, based at Johns Hopkins University School of Anesthetic in Baltimore, Maryland, to analyze the access of suPAR and two gene mutations accepted to activate African-Americans to branch disease. A abstraction of about 600 participants appear that if suPAR levels abide low, “no notable differences” in branch dysfunction were credible amid bodies who had the high-risk “disease genes” and bodies who did not. Conversely, aerial levels of suPAR acerb predicted branch ache in African-Americans, behindhand of whether the alone had the abiogenetic variants.

Yet nephrologists are still disconnected about whether suPAR absolutely attacks the kidneys—and if so, how aggressively. Doubters point to the adverse analytic after-effects and the apathetic advance of branch accident in Reiser’s mice with animated suPAR levels. The aboriginal 2011 beastly and analytic abstracts are “as complete as you can get,” Vincenti says. “But at some point, there has to be absolute duplication of that data.”

Several changing issues ability explain the discrepancies. Different forms of suPAR can broadcast in the blood, and some variants ability be added pathogenic than accomplished suPAR. And a aggregation led by Minnie Sarwal of UCSF, Dany Anglicheau of Necker Hospital in Paris, and Reiser has credible that in FSGS, a additional blood-borne factor, an anti-CD40 autoantibody, works with suPAR to advance podocytes. “Everyone agrees it’s added complicated” than the antecedent allegation in 2011 suggested, Reiser concedes. “But meanwhile, the abstracts gets stronger and stronger that suPAR is the affliction adulteration you can accept for the kidneys.”

The abstracts gets stronger and stronger that suPAR is the affliction adulteration you can accept for the kidneys.

The altercation may not be bound to everyone’s achievement until a beastly balloon absolutely shows that removing suPAR cures or slows the progression of branch disease. Several groups are aggravating to advance a monoclonal antibiotic biologic that would abolish suPAR from the blood. One such accumulation is Trisaq, a aggregation Reiser and Sever founded in 2011. Vincenti said his accumulation additionally has developed monoclonal antibodies to suPAR for analytic testing. “I was aflame to try it in patients,” he says. “But we could not demonstrate, at atomic in our samples, that suPAR was a biomarker for either FSGS or alternate FSGS. [That’s] captivated it back.”

The aboriginal beastly affidavit may appear not from a drug, but from a medical device. Miltenyi Biotec, a aggregation in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, makes apheresis devices, which abolish substances from plasma, and it is developing a technology that would selectively abrade suPAR out of patients’ blood. “The key question,” addendum CEO Stefan Miltenyi, “is if suPAR is the account [of] renal diseases or aloof a eyewitness molecule.” Miltenyi hopes to barrage a analytic balloon in 2019.

For FSGS patients such as Henry, who relies on 8-hour brief sessions of dialysis to break alive, a advance analysis can’t appear anon enough. But suPAR is already alpha to access analytic decisions. Singh, Henry’s displace physician, has acclimated suPAR levels to administer the affliction of several branch patients. And aback 2013, every accommodating accession at the emergency administration at Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre has undergone suPAR testing to advice physicians accomplish triage and acquittal decisions.

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Reiser generally likens suPAR to cholesterol—a key brand and disease-associated atom that can be monitored and, perhaps, ultimately controlled. But the capital assignment of suPAR, he believes, is cautionary in an age of genomics and alone medicine. Although a huge bulk of absorption (and government coin) has been adherent to anecdotic genes associated with disease, the ambiance can sometimes trump them. “I anticipate that the gene adds to the blow profile—it’s allotment of the picture,” he concedes. “But the ambiance is a way-underestimated modifier that becomes way added important, absolutely frankly, than the basal gene event. And this is … a admirable analogy of absolutely that principle.”

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