Surfing/SUPing gallery

Surfing has been a lifelong passion for Tom Hewitt. It is now intertwined with his work with street children as well as his family life. His own kids now surf. Tom short-boards but is also a SUP free-surfer who enters one major competition each year: SA Champs – the South African nationals. This year (2014) he made the semi-finals of SA Champs.

Here are a collection of surfing and SUPing photos of Tom and the Surfers Not Street Children ambassadors.



Tom pulling into a barrel at the New Pier in Durban. Pic: Neil Hellerle


Tom rides for F-One Stand Up Paddle-boards (SUP). Shot taken in Durban. Pic: Jon Ivins






Lucky top-turns on on a little Croyde runner. Pic: Pete Cox








Andile tweaking to the max on the recent UK tour. Pic: David Stewart