Consultancy/Advising/Speaking/Surfing – The Fieldworker Perspective/Campaigns

Here are the areas that Tom Hewitt specializes in:

1. Technical fieldworker support to local organizations.  Tom has a unique understanding of the realities of running a grass-roots street children charity after working in the field for over 20 years and having founded and led such a charity. The support he offers includes providing:

  • Operational technical support to local street children organisations.
  • Strategy advice
  • local advocacy strategy advice
  • Re-energizing sessions around “street children” for fieldworkers with burnout, lack of direction or operational frustrations.
  • Developing the understanding, communication and “right relationship” between funding partners and grass roots organisations.
  • Assessing local operations.
  • PR and marketing advice

2. Campaigns: Global advocacy issues relating to street children. Tom has been an activist on street children related issues since he started working with street children over 20 years ago. He has been involved in various campaigns of which the round-ups campaign has been the most notable. He advises around advocacy campaigns on street children issues.

3. Speaking on street children issues. Tom has been speaking around the world on street children issues for years. He has spoken at many conferences, festivals, fundraising dinners, campaign launches and other events. he has also been a media “go-to person” around street children in South Africa and further afield.

4. Advising companies wanting to spend Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) money wisely and strategically on street children.

5. Developing surfing initiatives for street children to compliment existing local projects. In other words, Tom doesn’t “start” new projects but partners with good local agencies to incorporate surfing into their existing activities as he did at Umthombo. His team of former street children (Surfers Not Street Children), who are top surfers are being trained around implementation of this.

Rates and Availability.

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